Stag and Hen do's at festivals

When you think of a stag or hen do, you think of alcohol, food, strippers and a night full of fun. You may not think of heading to a festival to celebrate your big day but this trend could be the next thing when it comes to the do’s. The summer is the most popular time of the year to get married- which goes together with stag and hen celebrations like nutella on toast. Take all the essentials out of your typical stag/ hen weekend and pop them in a festival and hey presto! It may be a festival experience party lover Bieber would show up to.

It’s only right to discuss the different parties separately, as they have completely different requirements. Stag do’s will need beer and lots of it. Possibly a beer festival would be perfect for this? A weekend of sampling beer would keep any stag party happy. Or one of the many music festivals the UK has to offer. There’s no better place to bond with your best mates then in the cider tent or rolling in the mud or attempting to sit on each others shoulders when you’ve had a few bevvies.


Going to a festival on a hen do gives the girls so many excuses. Such as buying completely new outfits for each day, new products to keep them fresh and a fancy dress theme. The ladies love the festival fashion this year so the pictures uploaded to Facebook would be on fleek. It is highly possible it could be a gin-filled weekend of music and laughter. Far from the blocked portaloos, burnt burgers you’d think; it could include showers, yummy food and plenty of dancing.


However, there are no strippers in sight, possible no showers, thieves and a lot of organization involved. Plus it will cost a bomb- tickets, travel, booze, food etc. The hens may not want to party until dawn at a festival because they don’t have a comfy bed to fall into, no bath for the morning and the face paint shaped as a d*ck will surely stay on for the rest of the weekend. Stags are known as being clumsy and at a festival; the nearest A&E could be a helicopter journey away- risky.

It comes down to whatever suits the individual party. If the bride or groom wants to go to a festival for their do’s, you can try talking them out of it but you should suck it up and go. This trend could be the next great thing for stags and hens. Festivals should offer stag/ hen do packages with all the necessities included.


By Hannah Williams