Girls Festival Fashion 2015

When it comes to festival fashion, ladies, Pinterest is your best friend. I’m serious, if you’re lacking inspiration then go take a browse. Whenever I’m lacking a bit of festival inspiration, I usually look to Coachella. Being one of the first festivals of the year, and absolutely swarming with A List celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner, who completely know what’s up when it comes to latest trends, it’s your go to for all things festival fashion. Still stuck for inspiration for what to pack in your rucksack for this year’s festival season? Read on girls.


Bold Prints:

Bold prints are something incredibly on trend for 2015. This is a trend which is completely versatile. Skirts, trousers, T-shirts, crop tops. Whatever it is, just make it vibrant. Feel like bold prints are simply too tame for you? Why not try clashing bold prints if you’re really feeling brave. Take Cara Delevigne’s Coachella look as your inspiration.



Embracing Native America:

For some reason, everyone seems to be embracing their inner Pocahontas this year, and that’s totally okay. Feather headdresses, suede and fringing, are just a few of the trends we can take on board for 2015 festivals. Not only do a pair of fringed shorts look awesome, they’ll also keep you cool in the summer sun!



Bohemian Girls:

Embracing your more feminine side doesn’t always sound like the most practical thing at a festival. Most of us tend to opt for short shorts and a band tee, which is totally okay (and still totally on trend, thankfully), but this year, a wave of girlyness (if that wasn’t a word before it is now) seems to have taken over festivals. Floaty tea dresses and bohemian floral patterns seem to have overtaken. Pair up with a pair of wellies or vans and a flower crown and you’re completely good to go. Think of how adorable you’re going to look while you’re standing at the front of the main stage crowd. Completey Instagram ready.



Crop Tops:

Crop tops are always going to be a thing. They just look good with anything, any time, casual or dressed up. Am I right girls? Plus, when the sun is shining, there’s nothing more satisfying than a floaty crop top and a pair of denim shorts. This year, off the shoulder crop tops are super in, with UK bloggers and The Kardashians alike worshiping them. Just be careful of wearing one when it’s too sunny. Those tan lines are just not going to be pretty… embrace it?



Cut outs and mesh:

Cut outs, cut outs, cut outs. I cannot stress this enough. Cut out tops, cut out jeans. When worn right, cut outs are super sexy and elegant. They mix casual style with a little bit of edge, making them perfect for a festival look. A bit too nervous to go completely bare? Mesh is your best friend. Look to Kylie Jenner for some inspo here, she seems to be the queen of the cut out and mesh mix. But again, watch out for those tan lines girls, or you’re going to be walking around looking like you took a nap in the sun under a net.


Bum Bags:

Stylish, combined with theft proof. Plus, you’re never going to lose something that’s literally strapped to your body, no matter how many you’ve had. Need I say more?

By Lauren Chassebi