Leeds Festival

The Festival

In secondary school, there was one festival which everyone seemed to put at the top of their summer To Do lists. It was that one event that you saved every penny from your lousy Saturday job up for, and then bought your ticket with bursting pride, and a total sense of coolness. It’s like the gateway festival. The first one you ever try which gets you hooked on festival life for good. Leeds festival, alongside its brother festival, Reading, were the summer events which would really put you on the high school map. This year, Leeds festival will once again be returning, running from 28th – 30th August in Bramham park – and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for the youngsters.

The Line-up

Leeds festival provides a mix of both mainstream and breakthrough acts across their stages, meaning there is something for everyone. It’s not a festival which particularly limits itself to genre, so whether you feel like swaying in the breeze with a lighter waving above your head, to the calm sounds of the Mumford and Sons banjos, head banging to Slaves, or flailing uncontrollably to Knife Party, Leeds festival has you covered. Leeds festival has nine different stages, and a huge selection of acts appearing on each one over the weekend. Make sure you pick out your favourites before the weekend begins though – no drunk tears allowed if you accidentally miss your favourite act because you were partying at the wrong stage. Friday’s headline act will be The Libertines, followed by Mumford and Sons on the Saturday and last but certainly not least, Metallica on the Sunday. Can you even begin to imagine the atmosphere of the crowd, on the final night with Metallica performing, and fireworks lighting up the sky? Prepare to have literally no vocal chords left by Monday morning, things are going to get heavy.

Other Stages

Other stages include the NME / Radio One stage, where dance and indie music are combined together, and knowing the huge musical names running this stage, things are going to get pretty big. The Radio One dance stage is also ready for those of you looking to really let of some steam and get shuffling (is that still a cool thing that the kids do?), with the likes of Boy Better Know, MK and Wilkinson doing what they do best. Leeds and Reading festival really know how to create a great atmosphere, and with the acts in rotation between the two festivals for the weekend, the mood amongst the stars is going to be super high, meaning their sets are guaranteed to be amazing! The alternative stage is also around for those of you who are far too hipster to be following the crowds. God forbid you come within 100 feet of anything that could associate you with the mainstream, right?

Why Leeds?

The only reason you’ll be forgiven for not attending Leeds festival, is if you’re a Southerner who will be attending Reading instead. If you’re going to neither, I’m going to need a list of five valid reasons why. Leeds festival is a cult festival. The one you have to attend at least ones in your life, just to say that you have. In the words of Metallica, ‘Nothing Else Matters’. It’s a festival with a great history, which has had some of the absolute biggest names in music performing on its stages. Plus, let’s be honest, everyone is having so much fun that nobody is going to notice how drunk you are. That’s always a bonus.

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