Festival Hair Fashion

Let’s be honest, us girls treat festivals as some sort of excuse to style ourselves in ways that we literally would never have the guts to wear in day to day life – and that’s what makes them so flipping amazing. Every year, there are certain festival trends that we all try our best to keep up with, and this obviously doesn’t just stop at clothes. Festival hair is apparently just as important, who knew? So let’s put an end to that unwashed-for-three-days tent hair, and take a look at some of the best ways to style your locks for whichever festival you may be attending this summer.



2015 has definitely been the year of the braid, and they’re a huge win when it comes to festivals. They keep your hair out of your face while you’re trying to dance and they hide any grease that may be lurking towards the end of the festival. Plus, there are so many different styles. Milkmaid braids are a sure win on those hotter days when you don’t fancy having loose bits of hair stuck to your forehead, and French or fishtail plaits are both renowned festival hairstyles, perfect for when you can’t be bothered to brush your hair. Bonus tip: Sleeping with your hair in plaits and removing them the next morning will leave you with perfect festival waves without the need of a curling wand – totally embracing getting back to nature.



A festival hair style only for the brave hearted – celebrities have gone crazy this year for pastel hair, and it’s possibly the coolest summer festival look. Reckon you could pull of lilac or teal hair but couldn’t imagine yourself strolling into the office rocking it? Try some spray in hair colours and watch the heads of every girl at the festival start turning with envy.


Flower crowns and Boho curls:

A festival staple that we all know and love – the floral crown. Not exactly a hair style, but it certainly deserves an honourable mention. Leave your hair completely natural (maybe add a hint of dry shampoo if you’re reaching the end of the festival and are yet to set foot in the showers – for that I really can’t blame you) and chuck a floral crown on top of your head – you’re good to go. People will be so busy admiring the gorgeous bouquet above your head that they won’t even notice the grease. Promise.


The topknot and the half topknot:

Sometimes there is literally nothing more satisfying than shoving your hair up in a bun, every single girl can relate to that. Luckily for us, topknots are a big thing this summer, and can look pretty damn cool at a festival. Not feeling the complete up do? Word on the street is that all the cool kids these days are embracing the half up, half down style – something completely on trend for 2015 festivals. Shove the top half of your hair up in a messy ponytail or bun, and let the rest of it fly loose – you just got 100x more hipster, congratulations.




By Lauren Chassebi