Bingley Music Live

Wake me up when September begins

September is always a pretty painful month. For some, it signals the dreaded end of summer and return back to school. To quote everyone’s favourite TV show, September is the first hint that Winter is Coming (if you know you know). The warm summer months are over, and it’s time to start cracking out the layers and woollen jumpers again. It’s the month when festival season has officially come to an end. No more long hot evenings watching the sun go down and sitting around the campfire. Right? Not quite. There is a festival which has arrived to save us all from the long months of festival blues. Bingley Music Live is a festival which runs from the 4th-6th September. This is your chance to extend summer that last little bit, and bring sunshine to September.

The Line-up:

The line-up for this festival is like the gift that keeps on giving. A mixture of well-known talent, as well as newly arising artists who we just know are going to be making it big over the next year. Everyone’s favourite performer, Labrinth will be headlining the festival, a singer who simply refuses to conform to one genre. No seriously, looking at his Wikipedia page is like reading a list of every single genre currently in the charts. This man is seriously multi-talented, and Bingley music festival is giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the earthquake predictor himself. As well as a couple of the biggest female stars on the pop music scene at the moment, Ella Eyre and Rae Morris, there are some seriously cool bands who will be taking the stages at Bingley. A mixture of rock, folk and indie bands, there’s going to be something for you whatever gets you going. Split between just two stages, The Acorn Main Stage and The Acorn Midi Stage, Bingley Music Festival really are making your festival experience, and decision making, as easy as possible.


As with most festivals these days, camping and glamping are both available to split the nature lovers from the home comfort revellers. Whichever you are, embrace it, and pick the perfect temporary home for you. However, if neither of these tickle your fancy, Bingley offers plenty of other options. Perhaps the riverside caravan site would be more your thing? A spacious site located in the beautiful rural parts of Yorkshire, this has posh festival written all over it.

Other entertainment:

As a kid, did you ever find yourself wishing you were a superhero? Do you still secretly have this wish, and tuck it away, only to be thought about on those long days at the office? What if I told you that your chance to live your childhood fantasy has finally arrived? This year, Bingley Heroes is the theme of the festival. Whether it’s Spiderman, Superman or maybe a festival superhero with the power to neck a bottle of beer whilst simultaneously erecting a tent one handed. Whoever it is that gets you in that partying mood, it’s time to pull out your capes, your spandex suits and your eye masks and get creative. All superheroes are welcome at Bingley, so show us what you’ve got!

As well as this, there’s an added bonus between acts which is bound to keep crowd spirits high, and stop you from feeling that post performance come down. Renowned Radio One DJs; Huw Stevens, Scott Mills and Chris Stark will all be taking to the stages to play some DJ sets between the various other performers. This means there’s literally no excuse for you not to be on your feet for the entirety of the day, dropping some serious moves, a beer in each hand and your superhero cape billowing out behind you.


Join in on all the superhero fun and grab a ticket here!

By Lauren Chassebi