Brighton Calling

Brighton is pretty much one of the coolest destinations in the UK. The seaside, the pier, the coffee shops, the lanes, and not to mention the quirky fashion which can be found on literally every street corner. Seriously, you’ve never seen anyone care less about how other people around them are acting or dressing than you do in Brighton, and it’s amazing. Want to wear legwarmers? Awesome. Want to wear nothing but a bin bag? Totally acceptable. Want to walk around completely covered in neon body paint? Nobody is going to bat an eyelid. This summer, there is a festival which will be providing you with yet another reason to put Brighton at the top of your list of summer destinations. On Saturday 15th August, Shakedown takes over a whole new location: Brighton’s Waterhall, for a one day only extravaganza. If previous years are anything to go by, this is not an event to be missed.

The Line-up:

Shakedown’s main focus is on dance acts, so if you were hoping for a bit of Taylor Swift and James Bay, unfortunately, Shakedown is not the place to be belting out Blank Space or Hold Back the River (unless it’s been heavily remixed with a huge drop added). Dance music this year has reached a whole new level, and there are so many amazing acts of the genre who have started to surface and make huge names for themselves throughout 2015. Shakedown does not fall short of these amazing acts, providing attendees with some pretty talented artists across the stages throughout the day. MK, Camo & Krooked, Oliver Dollar, Sigma, Example are just some of the huge names who’ll be taking the spotlight. Sorry to namedrop, but come on, slightly necessary here. Most festivals would be pretty ecstatic to have names like that spread out over a three day weekend, but Shakedown does one better and offers them all to you in one day. Cross your fingers that none of your favourites are performing at the same time, and be prepared for some serious sprinting between stages.

The Stages:

Speaking of stages, there are four of them spread across the site. Each stage is hosted by a different huge name in the music industry, so you can be absolutely sure that the music you’re being provided with isn’t going to be some half-done job. Defected in the House brings you the best of the best of house music. In fact, this year it boasts that it’s offering some of the top DJ’s on the planet, and with acts like MK gracing the stage, it’s a fair claim. The Supercharged stage is another big one. Fancy raving to some Drum and Bass? This is definitely the stage for you to make temporary residence at. Hospitality, one of the biggest names in electronic music also hosts a stage at Shakedown, with acts like Sub Focus sure to keep you on your feet long into the night. Finally, the Cirque du Soul stage offers the likes of Monki, 2ManyDJs and plenty more amazing dance acts to keep you entertained.


Why Shakedown?

Shakedown is a one day affair! This means you’re definitely not going to find yourself spending the best part of an hour trying to put your tent up, only to realise it still has that huge hole burnt out of it from an incident involving a campfire and a few too many drinks a couple of years ago. Instead, this crucial time can be spent exploring the festival site, and more importantly, working out how many bars it hosts (spoiler, it’s a lot). Plus, Shakedown is one of the last festivals of the year! It’s your last chance to really lose yourself and crack out all your best moves before the winter months roll in and festival season is just a distant memory.

Finally, a top tip for any of you planning on taking over Shakedown in a big group, the festival offers a special Raver Saver package, which provides you with a fifth ticket free when you buy the first four. The event is a pretty low cost one already considering all of the huge names there, so this is definitely a huge added bonus!

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By Lauren Chassebi