T in the Park (Part Two)

Tea in the park?

I don’t know about you, but to me, T in the Park was the festival you’d heard of before you even knew what a festival was. Back in the day, everyone always seemed to be talking about it. I remember hearing DJ’s discussing it on the radio one day, back when I was younger and much more naïve, and imagining people flocking in their thousands for a huge tea party in some mysterious Scottish park. I’m sure that’s not really the vibe that will be on offer at T in the Park when it takes over Perthshire in Scotland from the 10th-12th July in 2015 though. My wealth of festival knowledge has greatly increased since those young, naïve days, so I’m going to guess it will involve much more necking of beer than drinking of tea. Sound like your kind of thing? Thought so.

The Line-up:

When it comes to festivals like T in the Park, fans do not take the line-up lightly. There’s no accepting of the mediocre here. T in the Park is one of the big league festivals, and it knows it. Luckily, 2015 does not disappoint, and the line-up will leave you not wanting to miss a single second, let alone a whole day. Although single day tickets are on offer for the festival, you’re going to want to buy a whole weekend one. How on earth could you choose between the headliners? On Friday, T in the Park kicks things of big, with Kasabian, David Guetta and Sam Smith all billed to headline, supported by a huge array of other amazing chart topping talent. Saturday’s line up continues to shine with the likes of The Libertines, Avicii, The Script and many more. Last but not least, Sunday puts Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Stereophonics and The Prodigy into the spotlight. With so many amazing acts gracing one stage, spirits at T in the Park are going to be at an ultimate high. Screaming at the top of your lungs and whipping out those dance moves that you usually only save for when you’re home alone in the kitchen are both perfectly acceptable. We’re all friends here, nobody is judging you (that much).

The Stages:

T in the Park consists of six mega stages, all of them showcasing the same amount of amazing talent and energy as the last. As well as the main stage, which will host all of the incredible worldwide names listed above, Radio 1 pitch up their own stage at the festival. The talent which appears on this stage definitely matches the main stage, plus, all of the acts will have that cool indie vibe which fans of radio 1 will know so well. As well as their own main stage, Radio 1 will also have an introducing stage at the festival, where amazing new and undiscovered voices will unleash their vocal chords on crowds. This stage provides you with the rare opportunity to discover some talent that you can be guaranteed is going to make it big in a few years. Pro tip: remember their names, and then impress your friends by already knowing every one of their songs by the time their first single hits the charts. As well as these stages, T in the Park also offers T Break; another stage showcasing the talent of unsigned musicians, and Slam Tent; where electronic and dance DJs reside.


Fairytale Fever:

If belting out the words to Lay me Down along with Sam Smith isn’t quite enough for you, then maybe some of the other entertainment that T in the Park has on offer will sell it to you. This is a festival which takes festival dress code pretty seriously. While on the Saturday and Sunday, the usual festival combination of wellies, short shorts, crop tops and flower crowns is perfectly acceptable, things get shaken up a bit on the Friday. Known to regular guests as fancy dress Friday, this year’s theme is “The Ultimate Fairytale”. Use your imagination and get as creative as you can with your costume. Everyone always wants to be the best dressed at a festival, so here’s your chance. Whip out those tiara’s and crowns from your kid/siblings dressing up box, and get magical. Kings, Queens, fairies, Disney Princesses – all are acceptable. Here’s an extra drinking game for you: take a swig of your beer every time you see a girl dressed up as a character from Frozen. Guaranteed you’ll be drunk before the first acts have even come on.

Fancy joining in on T in the Park’s action? Grab a ticket here.


By Lauren Chassebi