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The birth of the festival:

We all love a festival birth story. Like the humble beginnings of Glastonbury, where a small family with a farm had a big dream, most festival births are pretty similar. However, sometimes there is a story which really grabs our attention. Years ago, hidden deep in the darkest part of the Derbyshire countryside, a house party started spilling out of control. It grew and grew, until from it, the carefree Y Not Festival was born. From the 31st July – 2nd August 2015, Y Not Festival will return from the depths for another year, bigger and better than ever.


Y Not Festival is a three day affair, running from Friday to Sunday. Whether you’re planning on buying a one day ticket, or going for the whole weekend, you’re promised plenty of amazing world class acts whichever you pick. Take it from me though; you’re not going to want to miss a single day of this line-up. It’s insane. On the Friday, everyone’s favourite American high flyer, Snoop Dogg will be dropping it like it’s hot. If that’s not a reason to go and buy a ticket to this festival immediately, I don’t know what is. Saturday’s headliners will be worldwide act Basement Jaxx, followed by Primal Scream on the Sunday. Plus, so much more amazing talent like Slaves, Saint Raymond and Def Havana are also on the bill.

Maybe the soft rhymes of Snoop Dogg paired with the heavy beats of Basement Jaxx aren’t your usual go to’s. Not to worry, we’ve barely even started. That’s only the main stage line-up. There’s a handful more stages boasting a further list of acts of varying genres. If you’d rather get back in touch with your peaceful side, and sway around to the angelic sound of Rae Morris, we’ve got you covered. Nic Mulvey, Don Broco, Indiana and plenty more will be taking these stages too – there’s so much talent going on at Y Not Festival. As an added bonus, it’s only spread across a small amount of stages, meaning you’re less likely to find yourself spiralling into despair with the realisation that eight of your favourite acts are on at the same time and you can only see one of them. The great thing about this festival is that it doesn’t limit itself to a certain genre, but does one better and offers them all.


The Bars:

Y Not Festival boasts seven bars across its site (that’s more bars than stages! Definitely our kind of festival), and each has a different theme. So obviously it’s essential that you sample at least one drink from each of them per day, just to get the full experience of course. Try out Mussel Beach, the cocktail bar complete with sand and deck chairs which brings the Mediterranean seaside right to the heart of the peak district. Then head over to The Hog & Barrel, the bar which houses The Innkeeper Sessions, the equivalent of that cool acoustic bar back home which you’ve always felt a little too uncool to show your face in. Complete with open mic and comedy sessions, plus all the beer you can consume, this isn’t something to miss.

Why Y Not?

As the line-up suggests, Y Not Festival is definitely not something you should just be experiencing for a day. There is so much talent on offer over the course of the weekend that FOMO should make attending the whole three day event essential. Whether you want to get back to nature completely and pitch up your own tent, or let Y Not do all of the work for you is entirely your choice. Both regular camping and glamping are both on offer in 2015. Previous years of Y Not Festival have certainly not disappointed, and with an amazing worldwide line-up once again, 2015 seems set to be one of the best so far.

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By Lauren Chassebi