Don't say no to Nozstock!

Nozstock festival

Your hair is a mess, you’re covered in a layer of thick mud from the knees down, and there is a distinct smell of fire smoke clinging to your body that you know it’s going to take at least five showers to get rid of. All of this, and you didn’t even get to see your favourite act, due to the throngs of crowds that huge festivals attract. Why not try a more intimate festival next time? What better one to choose than Nozstock, a family run festival like no other. Nozstock runs from 25th-26th July 2015 and is situated in Herefordshire. Nozstock offers a homely feel that no other festival can provide you with. So if you’re sick of the usual, run of the mill festivals, why not give this one a try?


Line up:

Nozstock has come a long way in recent years. From its humble beginnings, it now has nine stages of entertainment, each of them very thoughtfully named, and each showcasing an eclectic variety of ‘performance, art, electronic supersounds and good old-fashioned guitar-strumming and drum-bashing’. The line-up boasts a seriously eclectic mix. This is not a festival which limits itself to just one genre, oh no. Whatever genre of music is your favourite, even those guilty pleasures which you save for lonely car journeys, you can bet Nozstock will be providing it. This is a festival all about you, the people. So anyone who you want to see performing, Nozstock will try to provide for you. It’s the festival of dreams. Some of the names appearing across the stages this year include Fuse ODG, Neville Staple Band, P Money and dozens more. The festival also offers plenty of lesser known artists, for all of those hipsters out there who just cannot deal with anything remotely mainstream.

Why Nozstock?

Intimacy is not something which can often be promised by a festival. Nozstock however, prides itself on this. There is a huge emphasis on audience participation and engagement. In other words, attending this festival means you’re going to get the best experience you possibly can, and will have the chance to get involved with everything Nozstock has to offer. The festivals ethos is ‘about bringing play to everyone’. If you’re looking for the opportunity to lose yourself, relax and have the most hands on festival experience that you possibly can, then Nozstock is truly the place for you. Plus, they’re the winners of five UK festival awards, these guys really know what they’re doing!


Let’s talk camping. When asked what your highlight of your festival experience was, what would be your answer? The tent which smelt distinctly of the slightly wet, odd socks which you accidentally left in there last year? The same tent which flooded on night one of the festival leaving you with a soggy sleeping bag damp clothes for the rest of the weekend? On second thoughts, probably not the highlight. The tent situation is never a hugely fun part of festival season, but we go along with it in an attempt to embrace the euphoric traveller which we all know must reside in us somewhere. So if you do want to camp the good old fashioned way, go for it! We’re all super proud of you. But if not, Nozstock has many other options available. Why not try one of their solutions to the soggy camping experience, like the fully furnished tents they offer?


Something for everyone:

Live music is not the only form of entertainment that Nozstock has to offer, as the festival has recently added a huge selection of live comedy to the mix. Shaun Walsh, the comedian you secretly fancy despite his distinct homeless look, will be just one of the funny guys taking the stage. Walsh will be joined by a selection of emerging comic talent. Other forms of entertainment come from the opera stage, where you can get in touch with your more theatrical side, and the tent of temporary thought, where spoken word poets will make you feel all the emotions. Not to mention the stilt walkers, jugglers and unicyclists casually strolling around the festival site. There are too many treats to even list, Nozstock is something which must be experienced if you’re interested in getting all that you can out of a festival.

Nozstock is a family friendly experience, so there are plenty of activities for kids as well as adults. The Enchanted Glade kid’s area offers rocket building, puppet shows, arts and crafts and drama based activities to keep your kids occupied while you soak up the sun. There is truly something for everyone.


Tickets are still available for Nozstock here. Don’t miss out!

By Lauren Chassebi