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Rewind South (Henley on Thames)

Rewind back in time

Are you one of those people constantly going on about how you were born in the wrong decade? Bored of the same old pop music which seems to dominate every chart show and radio station today? It’s a fact that the average reading age of song lyrics in 2015 has dropped to around 8 years old. Yep. No wonder you’re getting sick of it. Why not try a festival which could restore your hope in music, while at the same time, making you wish you were living in the 1980’s again, partying with the likes of Journey and the entire cast of Grease. Well, look no further. Rewind South (more or less) offers you this opportunity. From the 21st to the 23rd August 2015, Henley on Thames will transport back to the eighties, like Back to the Future (yes, that’s another eighties reference, get used to those) but with less dodgy live action and more amazing live music.