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Get down with the celebs at V Festival 2015


V Festival-

So you’re a V Fest virgin? Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s all overpriced beer in plastic cups and slumming it in a shoddy two man tent from Argos without Wifi for two days. Well yeah, whilst you would probably be right, let face it, who doesn't love a good old jolly up in a field?! Although we highly doubt you'll see Branson roaming about in his waterproofs.

The festival takes place in two locations, Highlands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park in South Staffordshire; the same artists perform at each venue but on alternating days so you haven’t got to fret over missing your favourite act, clever eh? The two day shenanigans take place over the 22nd and the 23rd of August, slap bang in the middle of summer and you never know, we may even be graced with a little sunshine. I would still pack your wellies though - this is England after all.

Getting there-

For all you Essex lads and ladies Hylands Park will be your venue of choice; it covers 570 acres of land so that’s plenty of space for all those rather large celebrity egos. It sits approximately 2 miles from Chelmsford in the parish of Writtle although I wouldn’t worry too much about getting lost. Let’s be honest, If Joey Essex can find his way there then I’m pretty sure the rest of us can. For those of you more up north of the country the festival will also take place in Weston Park, located in South Staffordshire just 30 minutes from the city of Birmingham. The park has over a thousand acres of greenery, making it the perfect location to practice your welly wanging, just be sure not to take anyone’s eye out.

Both locations offer a coach service that will pick you up from any 68 departure points, although I’d recommend the one closest to home! Information on getting there by train or shuttle bus is also available on the festivals website for those of you not lucky enough to be offered a ride by the taxi of mum or dad. Apparently you can also fly in by helicopter but I would assume that one’s reserved for Mr Simon Cowell.