The increase of nightlife – What’s next?

Everyone goes through the stage of drinking value spirits, losing your dignity and then waking up the next day with regret and self-pity. (If you haven’t been through this stage, it’s coming). Whether you still love partying or maybe you’ve forgotten how to do it, a good old night out is acceptable at any age. With the modern world, getting even more modern (whatever next, a drone delivering things in less than 30 minutes after you’ve ordered it… Oh wait Amazon are already on that one), nightlife is also becoming modern and funky, even funkier than the word funky itself. 

Mobile Madness

As mobile phones take over the world and people are increasingly becoming obsessed with their new PBF (Plastic Best Friend), clubbers can now use their tablets and phones to heighten their partying experience. More and more clubs around the UK are making it easier for you to reserve tables through apps and you can also order a bottle of bubbly. Perfect for when you’re too drunk to walk over to the bar, and fear you’ll get chucked out. Just sit and guzzle. Guzzle and sit. 

Table Service

Everyone likes great table service and things are about to get better. The UK is likely to follow in the steps of our European brother, Berlin, and bring the bar to your table. Beer on tap at your own table as well as an I-pad connected to the bar, which allows you to create and order your own cocktails is just what the doctor ordered for a great night out… Well it’s what we ordered. 


 Only the best for me…

 Eventually it’s thought that guests will be able to check seating areas in clubs, bars and restaurants and  reserve the be st place for you and your gang. So if you’ve heard that Kirk Norcross is making another cheeky  appearance  at your fave club, then book a table right next to the VIP area. Note: this cheeky appearance isn’t  cheeky and  neither is that Nandos. With the help of Licklist you can also see who is going, perfect for planning  any night.  


But why so popular?

Going out is essentially, drinking something that we know will make us feel ill the next day and then paying money to shuffle with a load of strangers in a confined space. So why is it so appealing and why when it comes to the weekend, are we dying to do it?!Maybe it’s because we like to pretend everyone in the club is actually there for us and it’s our own very special party? maybe it’s because we like to pretend we’re the 6th member of Liberty X and when we dance, we’re actually on tour in Wembley? or maybe it’s because sitting at home, watching Saturday night television eating 3 whole bags of Doritos with dips, whilst our parents are at the local, fills us with dread?

By Lucy Acton