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Boomtown fair festival


If you haven’t heard of Boomtown fair festival, then where have you been? It’s the topic that is hot on our lips (just after the Elton V Dolce spat) and we don’t think it’ll quieten down soon… For either of them.


Boomtown Fair is a music, arts and theatrical festival. There is nothing else like it on the planet and although it’s independent, it’s the fastest growing festival in the UK! Hot or what?!  It’s a 4 day festival where everyone is seen as equal, everyone is happy and everyone can be whoever they want to be. So if you’ve ever wished you were half mermaid, half unicorn and could gallop around pooping rainbows and sprinkles, then this is the place for you… Just me then?

Tired of the trials and tribulations of 21st century living, this festival creates its own community and own streets. The fair takes place over 4 days during August at the Matterly Estate in Winchester. You’ll be mesmerised as over 1000 of creative minds come together, working for months to create over 2 miles of interactive streets to form the world’s biggest pop up city. And we couldn’t even design a Christmas card...

The city isn’t about pollution, pigeons and police sirens. No, this city is where the normal rules don’t apply, where it’s all about creativity, colour and expression. Humanity and culture are celebrated and any celebration comes with cake right?!