Licklist Guide to... Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth has a great university; where there’s a university, there’s a great nightlife. Student promotions combined with 53 pubs and clubs is what this place has on offer. That’s a different club for every week of the year (and mum wonders why you didn’t want to come home for your little sisters 11th birthday). Being a highly populated university town, you’ll always bump into people you know, whether it be your best friends or that person you embarrassingly tried to kiss in fresher’s week. (Just remember if you don’t remember it, it didn’t happen.)

Aberystwyth boat club is situated right by the harbour; once you’ve had too many you’ll be declaring ‘Oh isn’t it beautiful’ and ‘Can we take a picture with it behind us.’ With a similar feel to a Mediterranean harbour (okay, maybe not), this venue plays host to many events and often holds LGBT nights.

If cocktails are your thing and you like an extensive menu, then the Cambrian Hotel is up your street. Popular with students, this modern bar and hotel is right next to the station. It’d be rude not to pop in whenever you found yourself around here. Even if you ‘accidentally’ took the wrong turning. Travelling can make you thirsty so what a perfect place to greet friends when they come and visit you… I’m sure nan would love it.

If sweating in a club till the early hours in the morning, whilst screaming to ‘Mr Brightside’, is your idea of a great night, then Pier Pressure is for you. This is the largest nightclub in town and offers resident DJs and exclusive drinks deals throughout the week. Grab a VK, spin around and you’ll have a great night. It’s also situated on the famous pier, so tell mum you’ve been sightseeing and kill 2 birds with one stone.

Varsity, on Upper Portland Street, is full of students day and night. Lively bar by evening and food venue during the day, this place is perfect for chilled drinks turning into an evening of mess. It’s a really relaxed venue, so boys don’t wear your best suit or you’ll look like you’ve come from court. Trainers and jeans combo all the way.

If loads of space, games and food rocks yours boat (and you’re not a 9 year old boy), then the Academy is for you. This is definitely a boy’s bar full of laddish burping, beers and burgers all over the pool table.

You can’t go to Paris without chomping on a croissant, and therefore you can’t go to Wales without getting involved in their traditional culture. Coopers Arms, is a folksy, traditional pub strong on Welsh Culture. So grab a pint of ale and learn the words to Dacw 'Nghariad – don’t worry, we’d never heard it either.

If you want to try something new or maybe you’re just so edgy it hurts, then Wiff Waff bar is for you. Guys, we know, we know, even the name sounds edgy, but form an orderly queue. This isn’t your typical bar. This venue boasts informal dining (because eating with your fingers is so cool since mum never let you do it) and table tennis (because hitting the ball as hard as you can at unsuspecting individuals when you’re drunk is going to be hilarious) so head down there. This new modern bar and lounge, is definitely gonna be one of your faves.

Coming to university gives you the freedom you didn’t even know was out there. Be a daredevil, instead of the usual roast chicken on a Sunday, try some jerk chicken! Irie’s on Thespian Street is a newly established Caribbean restaurant and is expected to be big. Grab a rum cocktail and shake your tail feather whilst you munch on some spicy chicken.

And for the more traditional students, Why Not club is literally what it says on the label. Why not go there? Why not have fun? Why not spend half your student loan on alcohol this week? This club is more of a typical student night, so neck back some drinks, dance with some strangers and forget that you have a 9am seminar.

And finally if you’re more of a MOM jean wearing, chilled out vibe kinda person then Rummers is your place. This cosy, intimate pub hosts live music and a sweet little beer garden that will never see the sun. It will be full of bugs, because we’re in Wales … but the thought counts. 

By Lucy Acton