Licklist guide to Walking in Heels

Walking in heels is easy. Except your feet are on fire. The ground is on fire. And you’re on fire. Whilst some girls take to heels like Miley took to twerking, for others it can be a little less natural. We all want to be that girl that does the weekly shop in sky scrapers or the one who runs across the road in her nude wedges and with these simple steps, it’s never been easier…




Pretend they’re flats

Okay this is easier said than done. But ladies, put your whole foot flat on the sole and walk as if you’re wearing your comfiest trainers. Put your heel down first, followed by your toes and you’ll look like you were born in heels.




Take small steps

As with every great conquest, small steps are the best. Marilyn Monroe once said a girl can conquer the world in heels, so you need to take things slow. Once you’ve squeezed into your 6 inches, its simple … take small steps. Forget massive lunges, you’ll just look like a massive idiot, who is practicing for the hurdle race. This tactic will surely just lead to an accident.




Don’t rush

A real lady is never late, everyone else is just early and when you’re in heels, this is a perfect motto to live by. Walking fast in your highest heels can look more awkward than how Beyoncé looked in the lift with Solange and Jay Z. In between strides, take your time. Slow and steady wins the race, and you’ll even breathe an air of confidence. Perfect.






Lean back

The sad thing about heels, is that we can’t walk as fast as we want too. We’ve all seen that girl who ends up craning her neck forward to walk faster, looking similar to a constipated swan. But ladies in the words of snoop dog, lean back … Again you may end up looking overly relaxed but practice in front of a mirror and you’ll have it off to a tee.





Head up

Pavements were not built for women wearing heels and whilst it’s scary to not look at the ground checking for cracks, stone and faeces (human or animal), you’ll get better results if you envisage a goal point up above. Head up, and look at a spot into the distance and walk to it. Simple. But be careful, you don’t want to end up scowling…





Buy shoes that fit

It’s simple. If you’re a size 6, buy a size 6. None of this ‘big feet is unattractive’ malarkey. If your shoes are ill fitting then walking in heels is more difficult than the first day of a diet.





Don’t be a sheep

And finally if all your friends are buying 10 inch heels and you can only manage a mere 5, then don’t worry. Walking well in a smaller heel will look better than walking bad in a high heel. But one things for sure, never ever buy kitten heels. 






By Lucy Acton