Party like a Royal!

We just can’t get enough of the Royals in the UK, whether it’s cooing over Baby George or admiring Kate’s next glamorous outfit. Despite sometimes wanting to keep out of the public eye, they have had their fair share in the spotlight and although we might be shocked to see, it’s not uncommon to spot a Royal enjoying a night out- they’re only human after all. So here at Licklist we have been keeping a special eye on where one likes to consume one’s beverage- so now you can party like a Royal too!


The Big Smoke is of course the prime location you need to be to get a chance of rubbing shoulders with your highness or a shimmying on the dance floor with your favourite Prince. London's Boujis Nightclub on Thurloe Street was the first ‘West End’- style nightclub to open in the Royal Borough and still is a sophisticated spot that our Royals have been known to re-visit and let their hair down. Boujis has truly set the standard for luxury and style.


Now we all know Prince Harry has quite the reputation for breaking the rules (remember THAT fancy dress outfit?) so we think he’d be a real party animal! A favourite hotspot of Harry’s is Bodo’s Schloss in Kensington (which is owned by his close friend) and he’s been known to buy a full round of shots for everyone in the club, which apparently is just a standard night out- Cheers, Harry! Other royals such as Princess Beatrice and even cast members of Made in Chelsea have too been spotted having a ‘Kensington Kicker’ in this establishment. It might not be your obvious choice to spot a Royal (although ‘Schloss’ is German for ‘castle’) as the interior is that of an Austrian Ski lodge and the Alpine bar/restaurant staff wear Lederhosen’s and Dirndls! However this is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Kensington and enjoy a chic, sophisticated, glamorous fun mixed with authenticity and tradition.


Another hotspot for the Prince (amongst other Royals and highly acclaimed celebrities) is the Tonteria nightclub in Sloane Square (central London). It is Mexican themed, perfect for a hot, wild night out. Tonteria describes itself as ‘a mad Mexican tapas lounge and tequila night spot’. It is complete with Mexican-inspired sharing cocktails, Tonte performers and even a toy train on the ceiling that delivers drinks to the table!


Chinawhite is also reportedly one of Prince Harry's favorite clubs. As one of London's premier nightclubs, catering to the well-heeled crowd, you can feel like a royal in this club every night as it’s open from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. all week. It boasts luxurious furnishings and décor, fantastic entertainment by the likes of DJ Sam Young, and a lineup of creative cocktails. This discreet club even allows Prince Harry to leave through a back door to avoid the paparazzi after a night of partying (clearly, it pays to be a royal!).

Another popular spot for the Royals and their friends is Mahiki in Mayfair, which is also a big hotspot for celebrity sightings. Unlike the other clubs in London however, Mahiki has no VIP rooms and an open door policy and prides itself on its fun atmosphere and the creative detail that goes into every drink, dance and dish! Escape to a little bit of paradise in this delightful Tiki club.


So if you’re ready to hit the London nightlife circuit, with this guide you can party like a King or Queen in these fantastic hotspots. We can guarantee you’ll have a right Royal Knees-Up!

By Kayleigh Stevens