The journey home...

You’ve had a great night out in a club. You drank, you danced, and you conquered. But your night doesn’t end there- now you have the task of getting back home. Intoxicated, craving cheesy chips (just us?) and barely able to stay upright, it’s a wonder we ever get home at all! But on that seemingly impossible journey you are bound to encounter some (if not all) of these scenarios… do you agree?


Take-out is almost definitely on the cards when you leave the club: that amazing greasy food will elate your mood and inevitably help that next day hangover.





Getting a taxi home whilst drunk can be quite the experience. Trying to direct the driver to your house is near impossible (“no, the other left”) and amusing for everyone involved- apart from the driver.




Or perhaps you spent your last bit of change on take-out food so you can’t afford a taxi home. On foot it is, but now the girls are forced to choose between walking home in their bear-trap like heels or experience a short-lived freedom by taking them off then walking the rest bare-foot- ouch.





If there’s a group of you walking home, you might run the risk of losing a member along the way. We like to call these friends as ‘the wanderers’. 






The realization of time: “is that the sun? It cant be the sun already!”






Finally you’re home! And you get to collapse on the first soft surface you see.







But then you realize you still need to get undressed. And the simplest of tasks become a real struggle.






Then there’s the process of removing your make-up. No matter how hard you think you scrubbed your face, you will still find a face-shaped stain on your pillow the next morning and greeted in the mirror with panda eyes.






At last: “Hello bed, old friend”.

So… same time next week?


By Kayleigh Stevens