Licklist guide to...Cardiff

Ahh can you smell that? The great outdoors, fresh air, blossoming flowers and the far off sound of sheep in the neighbouring fields… Nah? Neither can we! We’re too busy breathing in as much alcohol as we can in Cardiff’s top clubs.

Whatever type of night out you’re looking for, Cardiff is sure to have it. With a number of humble, yet excellent, bars and clubs spread across the city, it’s definitely one of our favourite party destinations here at Licklist.

We created the perfect guide for you. Regardless of the type of mood you’re in, Cardiff definitely has something that should whet your appetite.

Night out with friends

If you’re planning a night out with some of your closest friends, but are arguing about what scene you’re after, head to Clwb Ifor Bach. With three floors of music to choose from, and different themed nights during the week, it’s impossible not to find something for everyone.

Tuesday nights is for the little goth in you with their Rock Inferno event. On Wednesdays, it’s time to dust off those Madonna cones for Cheesy Club and Pop Scene.

Glam is one of Cardiff’s most popular bars with a large dance floor. It has two bars and a brilliant stage; Chart-topping musicians often grace this club, so it’s definitely something that should be on your agenda.

‘Vanity’ is Glam’s award winning saturday night event; spread over two floors, their resident DJs play a variety of different music, therefore helping to ensure everyone has a great time.

You can also get your hands on VIP tickets through the website, giving you queue-jump privileges, a champagne-filled reserved area and free entry for you and your mates. 

If you’re a club connoisseur, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Tiger Tiger. With plenty of rooms to choose from including Jewel Bar, Groovy Wonderland and tiki bar Kanaloa, it’s not surprising why Tiger Tiger is one of the UK’s most popular club chains.

Of course these rooms are also up for booking for your parties!


If you’re looking to have a classy night (or at least want to start off classy, we all know it won’t stay that way), whether it’s for a birthday, a work do, or any other excuse to have a night out really, you’re going to love The Mocka Lounge! It has plenty of rooms to hire so you can feel like the VIP star all night and enjoy lush drinks with your family and friends.

Peppermint Cocktail Bar is one of the classiest bars on offer to you in Cardiff. With lots of gorgeous cocktails on the menu to choose from, you are sure to feel lush as you sit back and sip on your ice cold beverage.

To get your mouth watering before you leave home, check out Peppermint’s cocktail list on their website.

Gigs or Special Events

If you fancy a change from beer taps and almost no fresh air, Cardiff still has loads to offer. The city is full of music and comedy venues, providing you with the perfect chance to relax, sit back and listen to some great live music, whilst simultaneously enjoying the before-mentioned beer taps and lack of fresh oxygen.

The Globe is a popular venue. With a capacity of 350, it’s a great, intimate place, giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Cardiff’s other party animals!

Don’t be fooled by what you see on TV. Cardiff isn’t just a city full of protein-addicted guys and over-tanned girls. It’s a vibrant city, bursting full of culture and filled with opportunity. Who knows where the night might lead! 

By Ashleigh Panther