Women's Nightclub Fashion: How to avoid those Faux Pas!

Women have been shopping all their lives and yet still say they have nothing to wear. But it’s true. We’ve all experienced the despair of raiding our wardrobes and spilling its entire contents onto the floor just to find something to wear for a night out. Probably because we’re not quite sure what we’re manically searching for and secretly hope something new will appear as if by magic. If only we had the likes of Victoria Beckham alongside every time we needed a bit of style advice. But who’s to say we can’t still look jaw droppingly gorgeous without her help?


The best thing to do if you’re struggling to find something to wear is to first do your homework on where you’re going. There’s no point making all the effort to appear as glamorous as a movie star if it’s a casual indie themed night at your local club. And same goes for a slightly more special occasion. Baring your midriff coupled with backcombed hair when going out to a particularly upmarket venue isn’t going to get you any free drinks from the hot guy at the bar.


That said, the 90s-style bare midriff has found itself on trend once again; crop tops are perfect for the more casual night on the tiles and there’s not better excuse to show off all your hard work at the gym.


Going shopping and buying a brand new dress is always tempting, but if you’re a social butterfly and regular partygoer, there may come a limit to how many times you delve into your pocket. No-one wants to be seen committing what seems as the unforgivable crime of wearing the same outfit twice. There are ways to get round this. Rather than choosing an all-in-one outfit when you do hit the shops, opt for a two piece instead.  


A two piece gives you the opportunity to use your creative flair, simply just swap either the top or bottom piece with a different top or skirt the next time you go clubbing. This small change can make one outfit look completely different from the other so your mighty collection of Instagram followers will be none the wiser. You can even let your friends in on it and swap and share, as there’s always one who has a wardrobe to die for.


Splashing out on that must have dress is more than appropriate however if you and the girls are heading off on a night out in a big city. If there’s a sale on, we’d be stupid not to, right? Wearing a statement outfit paired with simple shoes and accessories, or vice versa, will give you the effortlessly flawless look making sure all eyes are on (you for all the right reasons). Don’t forget colour co-ordination, it’s one of the first rules we learn about fashion. From subtly matching your clutch bag and shoes, to your make up and jewellery, you’ll avoid the ultimate crime of colour clashing.


Another canon that applies to nightclub fashion, which every woman is familiar with and wise to follow is the ‘boobs or legs’ rule. Never show both in one outfit. Of course we can all do what we want but this is textbook fashion, a way to make sure you’ll always remain stylish no matter which part of your body you dare to bare. Jumpsuits are ideal for when you’re eager to show off some of your best assets and show a little cleavage, as are bralets/crop tops worn with pencil skirts or leather look leggings. Otherwise high waisted skirts/shorts and the famous little black dress can best show off those pins.


At the end of the day, what you wear on a night out is mostly down to personal taste, but just be sure to steer clear of any butterfingers and their drinks, especially if you’re wearing white!  

By Georgina Mullany