Style, Opulence and Sophistication...Party like a Celeb!

We’re obsessed with how the glamorous live their lives, so of course we want to know exactly where they go to let their hair down. London, Manchester and Newcastle are home to some of the best and most prestigious celebrity hot spots in the UK, where you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the real life rich and famous. A-listers and even royalty has been spotted on the clubbing scene, so why not sneak a peek into what you’ve been missing out on.

Manchester is never short on celebrity faces, from first class footballers to the soap stars fresh off of the cobbles. Cloud 23 rooftop bar, located above the Hilton Hotel is renowned for its stunning views across Manchester. There’s no better place once the sun has gone down, with the twinkling city lights below; no wonder it’s a celeb hotspot. The Milton Club is one of Manchester’s most exclusive nightclubs. It’s interior is chic enough to wow you alone. But it wouldn’t be a celeb favourite if it didn’t also have extraordinary levels of service and an endless menu of impressive cocktails and champagne. Be warned, these drinks aren’t the cheapest and are probably worth more than your car.

Celebrities often make an appearance at the exclusive nightclub Panacea. Inside are five private booths where they’ll be pampered with table service, canapés and cocktails, obviously. Panacea has earned itself a high standard reputation with an army of famous followers.

Newcastle should not be forgotten, giving Manchester’s hotspots a run for it’s money. Celebrities are always guaranteed an exceptional night on the toon on Newcastle’s diamond strip, which oozes sophistication. Particular merit should be paid to Floritas, a club that boasts a tropical-garden themed wonderland. It’s been the epicentre of fun for years, with cocktails galore and the vodka always flowing. It seems the rich and famous have finally caught on to the fact that vodka is cheaper than botox and paralyses more muscles.

Tup Tup Palace is Newcastle’s premier nightclub, where famous guests can escape into the exotic eastern finery. It boasts a selection of the world’s finest drinks brands, privately serviced tables, an elliptical recessed champagne snug and most impressively, indoor waterfalls. What else would you expect? It’s hosted many high profile parties with the world’s finest DJ’s and artists such as Kanye West, Will I Am, Example and The Saturdays, making Tup Tup the hottest nightclub in the North.     

Nothing attracts the world of show business and sport more than the capital of London, an unmissable clubbing destination. Start the night off in one of London’s most exclusive post codes, The Met Bar in Mayfair. Having only recently opened its doors to the public, it’s no longer London’s best kept secret, so there’s no stopping us rubbing shoulders with the A-listers. The cocktail bar surrounds its guests with pure elegance and the cocktails can only be described as a work of art. If you’re looking for a party atmosphere, then the weekend is the best time to come. The Met Bar is the ideal venue to really get you in the mood for a chic night. However, be prepared for your wallet to take a beating.

If you want a room with a view there’s no better place than Shoreditch house, an exquisite bar perched right on the top of a four story building and known for drawing in celebrities. You’re also guaranteed a celebrity sighting at the Polynesia inspired club Mahiki, one of the West End’s most exclusive clubs. You’ll definitely recognise some of the faces here; Rihanna, David Hasslehoff and even Prince Harry have been known to stop by. The royal family are also fans of Boujis nightclub in South Kensington. In fact it has one of the hottest celeb crowds, recognised in the industry for being the most iconic and sought after clubs in London. Boujis is legendary, a place that will give anyone a real taste of celeb nightlife.

Competing with the clubs in LA is The Cuckoo Club. Easily one of London’s top hotspots, it’s where the city’s finest relish in glamourous surroundings. Fancy a lavish night out partying alongside some of the most famous celebs? Then all you have to do is show up at The Cuckoo Club for an incredible clubbing experience that will literally take you to the stars.  

Seeing your favourite celebs a few feet away on the dance floor may feel a little overwhelming, so if you’re planning on a night out to one of the UK’s hottest celebrity night spots, remember to act cool. We all want to tell them how much we love them and could even be tempted to throw in a marriage proposal to some. But be warned, following your irrational heart, rather than your head, may end your night early if security learn of your escapades. 

Georgina Mullany