The Bierkeller – A Bavarian Bar that Befits All

What’s your drinking style? Do you like a quiet one with friends, or would you prefer a dance and a flirt? Is the sports scene your bag, or are you more partial to live shows, drinking games and competitions? With four different elements under one roof, The Bierkeller offers a unique bar experience that cannot be rivaled and is definitely one to satisfy all appetites.  

The Bierkeller is to be found at the heart of the Printworks in Manchester, the Bavarian theme is taken to it’s fullest in their ‘Bier Haus’ designed using rows of bench style seating, there is a wide range of German biers served in two-pint bier steins, a menu packed with Bavarian cuisine, wait staff in lederhosen, and home of ‘The Amazing Bavarian Stompers!’ It isn’t all typically German though! There are two other bars adjacent to the bier house, the ‘Around the World in 80 Beers’ bar gives the typical bar/club vibe, whilst Shooters Sports Bar is ideal for those fanatical about sport. Finally, for those looking for a more relaxing time, go to the ski lodge on the 1st floor, here you can sample different food and drink that is on offer throughout the complex without the hustle and bustle of the bars downstairs. This is perfect for those coming for a quick one after work, a catch up with some close friends or some quality time with their other half.


The Amazing Bavarian Stompers

If you’re looking for a wild night out, full of fun, laughter and mayhem, look no further than British comedic oompah band ‘The Amazing Bavarian Stompers’, the 1st of their kind to be in attendance at a German bier festival! Get yourself a ticket to the Bier Haus on a Friday or Saturday night and prepare to be taken on a musical journey that is incomparable to anything else in the UK! With a mass of Bavarian-themed drinking games, competitions, shot girls and audience participation, this is not for the for the faint-hearted; just make sure you don’t make plans for the next morning eh?


The 1st step is to book your ticket; there are three different packages on offer for a range of prices determining your seating location and how much free stuff you will get! Make sure you do this in advance, as you don’t want to miss out due to waiting too long! The program starts at 7pm as everybody is seated and getting ready to roll to some background music. You will meet the waitresses at 7:30 and this is when the party starts. You should have a stein or cocktail in hand and will be preparing for the act with some party spirit games and competitions, ensuring that a vibrant atmosphere. Once 9pm hits, you will be good and merry and ready for The Amazing Bavarian Stompers. Here they take the drinking games to a new level, with a Bavarian theme that involves a lot of stomping, swaying and glass clinking. Once the band is finished the party is by no means over! Party music, shot girls and a sing-a-long with the resident DJ is enough to ensure that you make it through to the early hours!


Around the World in 80 Beers Bar

With a fantastic array of food and drink from around the world, this is perfect for the adventurous soul who enjoys exotic flavours and is willing to put their taste buds on the line. More relaxed than the Beer Haus when the Stompers are in town, the bar plays chart music all night and has several live bands throughout the year; it’s the perfect place for those flirtatious partygoers just looking to hit the dance floor and boogie the night away. The bar is also perfect for stag and hen nights, with fantastic entertainment on offer, including beer tasting sessions and a cocktail masterclass. 


Go and get your own 80 beers passport and drink your way through the worlds regions, collecting a sticker each time one is conquered. Once you have completed the passport you are entered into a draw for a trip for two around the globe; how exciting is that? Also, along the way, free food and drink can be earned as reward for your tireless voyaging, talk about a bonus! So get on board, and prepare for the greatest journey of your life! And don’t get off until your challenge is complete.


Shooters Sports Bar

With six American style 8-ball pool tables, numerous giant flat-screen 3D TV’s that show all of the major sporting events, a lounge seating area, table service, and shooters named after famous football stars, I think it’s fair to say that this is the sports haven of Manchester, possibly Britain!  


No other sports venue provides such extensive coverage, from all of the televised Premier League games, to the rugby, horse racing, boxing and golf, the venue caters for all of your sporting needs. Why not book a seat in the VIP area and watch your favourite sport in style? Or have a pool table cordoned off for you and your friends for a game of Killer or Winner Stays on? At Shooters they do their utmost to make your time as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Just make sure you book in advance as this is a popular place and you don’t want to be disappointed by a lack of free pool tables or no seating space.


Fantastic Offers and Events!

The Bierkeller isn’t just for your Friday and Saturday nights. No, it’s for all week long! With a variety of incredible offers and events throughout the week, it makes a trip to the Bierkeller worthwhile Monday to Sunday!


If time allows, be sure to pop in between 4pm and 7pm Tuesday to Friday to take advantage of the Bierkeller happy hour, with fantastic offers such as 25% off the price of food, £2 bottle beers, £2.45 draught beers and 2-4-1 cocktails and Haus steins. Or maybe just take advantage of the Mega Mondays offer of 2-4-1 bier steins and 50% off food all day long! Or why not take yourself to Shooters Sports bar between 12pm and 5pm for free pool Monday to Friday.


The Bierkeller also puts on frequent events, such as Rock and Roll Bingo on Tuesdays, where numbers are replaced with songs, Keller Bomb on Wednesdays, with £1 Keller shots and £1.50 Keller Bombs, Open Mic Night every Thursday for those who fancy a sing, accompanied by £3 Jagerbombs, 25% off Jagermeister, £2.50 spirit/mixer combos and £3.50 doubles, and Keller Fest on Sundays, which involves live bands, £2 Haus pints, £4 Haus steins and £2.50 per Haus spirit and mixer. There’s also a pool tournament every Thursday night at Shooters and a quiz night every Monday just next door in the Around the World in 80 Beers Bar.

By Calum Dewsbury