Rock City, Nottingham

Any club that has ‘The UK’s Best Live Venue & Club’ stated boldly above their entrance has got to be totally amazing right?

Right. Rock City in Nottingham is rated very highly in the UK’s alternative scene, with the venue receiving an NME award for best venue and, wait for it… Kerrang magazine’s venue of the year for 10 consecutive years, yes 10. If that isn’t impressive and doesn’t get your alternative juices flowing, I don’t know what will…

Gig city

Rock City is the veteran of the live music scene; I mean their first scheduled band was Iron Maiden, jeez (even though they didn’t actually play, that gains credit). Also adding to the veteran claim, Rock City has truly witnessed music history having opened in the 80’s during a time when Abba were at number one, Duran Duran had just been signed, John Lennon had just been shot and Pink Floyd’s The Wall Tour had opened. REM, The Ramones and Guns and Roses even played some of their first UK gigs at this venue. Do you really need further convincing of their rock-god awesomeness? We certainly don’t.

The survival of Rock City as a live venue is certainly down to their ability to ‘get with the times’. They have evolved and adapted to the ever-changing UK music scene becoming punk, rock and even eclectic when required. They just understand music man.

Back to the future/present, New Found Glory, Parkway Drive, Lower than Atlantis and The Specials are just some of the bands set to play there later this year. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy and the alternative music scene is just not you, have no fear, the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Passenger and Professor Green are also gracing the stage. Now that’s what I call variety.

Tickets to gain entry are pretty cheap too, considering most of them cost below £20 and with drink prices being reviewed as inexpensive, you are in for some great music and drunken escapades at low cost. Perfect.

Club city

Do not forget that Rock city also gains recognition as one of the best nightclubs in the UK; I know it’s hard to comprehend after being blown away by their taste in live music but it’s true. On a Friday night you can hear the best cheesy tunes offered by the DJ, on Wednesdays the biggest commercial tunes from chart, dance, R&B and indie and on a Saturday alternative anthems and your guilty pleasures. Again, that’s a pretty varied playlist so you don’t have to be an indie queen to enjoy a night there. It certainly caters for all.

They also have the addition of the Black Cherry Lounge, which has been refurbished in recent years to add comfortable seating and a badass sound system. They offer incredibly varied themed nights including anything from Burlesque to 90’s. So if you wish for a more intimate view of the Rock City experience, this place comes highly recommended.

Rock city

So not only is it an amazing nightclub and live venue but it also offers student nights, these taking place every Wednesday. Being situated in a university town of course, this is a given but with cheap drinks, free entry on a Saturday (with guest list) and a capacity of 2450 people, you’ll struggle to find a club with a better mix.

By Madi Davis