The Best of Bestival

Fancy something a bit different to cure your end of summer blues? At Licklist we’ve got everything you need- look no further than Bestival, 4th - 7th September this year. With its diverse line up of acts such as Outkast, Disclosure and Paloma Faith, they continue spoil us with a whole load of extras. Bestival is definitely anything but ordinary. Its folk, free spirit vibe will leave you wanting to spend all your time frolicking around in the woods with flowers in your hair…

Go Green

Bestival has it in the (reusable) bag when it comes to looking after the environment. All the campsites, and even the bandstand will be run on reused biofuel. They really focus on recycling and re-usable sources. They even have a competition for the cleanest campsite, with the winner being placed on the Campsite Hub Wall of Fame. There’s a whole load of prizes up for grabs if you and your mates chip in to help with the whole recycling system. So remember not to litter or make a mess … have ‘clean’ fun as they say…

Morning Glory

So Bestival have really gone all out this year. With a whole array of entertainment you are sure to never get bored. This being said, Morning Glory is definitely something to be happy about…The whole idea is sure to get you up  - rise from your tent after a night of partying and dance your way into the morning. You can even get massages and hugs from all your fellow festival goers. Dress code is pretty relaxed, just turn up in your pyjamas…

Musical Bingo

Who said bingo was for the oldies? It’s pretty much just like regular bingo, but instead of shouting out the numbers, they play songs! There are a load of different themes and prizes throughout the rounds. The DJs will play their tunes while players will mark them on their bingo cards. There are prizes for each line, as well as Full House, so you better start brushing up on that singing voice of yours so you can join in on the fun!

Films in the Forest

Literally does what it says on the tin – Bestival is not just about the music. Travel into the magical forest, where you’ll find the amphitheatre. They show some amazing films, such as cult classics, documentaries and short films that are from the London Short Film festivals. They have a theme each night, so be prepared to laugh until you cry, but also scare yourself silly!

The Wishing Tree

This magical tree has many surprises in its roots. Around this enchantment, be sure to visit the World’s Smallest Pub and have a beer with the tiny locals. This gnarly tree also has DJs playing at the base of its trunk, playing a load of different tunes until 3am. Go and check them out, leave the rest of the work to them…

The Grand Palace of Entertainment

It’s back again for another year – this amazingly decorated palace is sure to wow any festival-goer. Everywhere you turn there’ll be something else that makes you take a second look. Expect the unexpected. Be transported back in to your childhood days with its fairground themes, fun house included. The party never stops here. Enter a whole new world of drag acts, cabaret stars and disco divas… In the evenings, prepare to be dazzled with some ridiculously over-the-top entertainment from the weird and wonderful.

Choose Your Fort

So you’ve got everything sorted and mapped out where you wanna go on site. Now where are you actually gonna stay? One of the best campsites is the Gyspy Camp, sitting on the edge of the forest – it’s bustling with all that’s mystical and enchanted. Full of fortune tellers, magic amulets and craft workshops – be sure to sign up way in advance, places are gonna get filled quickly.

You could even go for the Boutique Camping, which is their version of glamping. Not only is your tent set up for you already, it’s not far from the main stage either. So if you’re not exactly an expert in putting up tents, or you’re just plain lazy, this option is made for you. There’s also a super chilled bar for those late beers and food cravings. What ever you choose, just really immerse yourself with this whole folk and magical vibe – you can even get something like a Tipi or a Bell Tent.

Bestival divides all the Main Campsites in to their own colours – all with a song to match, from Barry White to Clockwork Orange there’s a load of names to get you all excited. Each area is also given their very own chalet, tower, flag and seating area. Of course, there’s also a load of staff on constant duty, so you’ll definitely feel looked after!

By Hollie Climie