What is Licklist?
Licklist is the first and only desktop and mobile platform in the UK that keeps you live and up to date with ALL things Clubs, Bars, Events, Festivals and DJ's.
How many venues do you cover?
At last look, pretty much every one!
Other than live updates are there any other advantages for me?
Almost too many to list, fully integrated social networking, loyalty points, know where everyone's going, reviews, auto check-in, exclusive offers, buy tickets, view galleries, Tag/Share. And the best functionalities are yet to come!
So how much does it cost?
Cost?? It's completely FREE!
Do I have to sign up?
No, but you only get limited public information. By signing up you get full access to all LL services and functionalities.
What happens to my personal details once I've signed up?
Your details are held securely on our servers and should you agree, are only shared with the relevant third parties.
What does that mean?
Well, for example, if you tell us you like Vodka and House Music, we will notify you of any venues that have Vodka offers and/or have a House event. So basically, the more you tell us about yourself and your preferences the better we can enhance your weekend for you and your friends.
But will I get bombarded with mindless irrelevant promotions and advertisements?
Absolutely not. The idea is to provide you with the most up to date and relevant information. Tell us everything you like and let us point you in the right direction.
Can I access this on my mobile?
Of course. We have a web app and a slick mobile app.
Who's idea was LL?
One guy who wishes he had this functionality 15 years ago and another that now can't party without it.
I already have social networking accounts and am worried this may be another one too many.
Well don't worry. We are fully integrated with FB, Twitter etc so you never have to repeat your actions. However, the only worry you will have is the guilt of not lining Mark Zuckerbergs pockets over the weekend when you realise FB just doesn't compete.

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