LDN Talks at Night: How the Mind Heals your Body

LDN Talks at Night: How the Mind Heals your Body

Sink Pong - Paul Street London, Greater London Tue, 20th Jun 2017
LDN Talks @ Night and Funzing are proud to present David, who will be sharing his knowledge on how the mind can heal your body.

David will discuss the mind-body connection and how to harness it for health and wellness. You’ll learn about the placebo effect and how it works. You’ll learn that rather than it being just ‘all in the mind’, belief and expectation actually create real changes in the brain.

You’ll also learn how meditation impacts the brain, heart, and nervous system, how love and compassion can dilate your arteries, how the brain doesn’t distinguish the real from the imaginary and how the things you visualise actually shape the brain.

David will also share real examples of how people around the world have used visualisation techniques to help facilitate their recovery from injury, illness, and disease and share the simple principles involved.

David gained a PhD in organic chemistry before spending 4 years working as a scientist in one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect and how many patients made improvements on sugar pills, he resigned from the industry to study and teach about the mind-body connection.
Venue: Blueberry Bar & Kitchen, Shoreditch

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

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