Live Music Venues in Essex

Nothing beats live music - guitar, drums, bass, feedback and passion. Essex is a hub of world class performers and is home to intimate indie venues as well as some of the largest established performance spaces in country.
We have complied a list of the best venues in Essex to catch local and touring bands before they make it big and move onto stadiums.

These clubs and pubs will (at most) only charge a few quid on the door - for that price you get a know that feeling when you have been to a good show. That moment when the distinction between band and crowd seems to melt away - when the energy rises to fever pitch and the audience start to make more noise than the band. Just watch your drinks if you are standing near the front - the heavily tattooed guys in the mosh pit with all the metal in their face won't care how expensive that cocktail fact maybe it would be best if you keep that information to yourself.

Music + Mayhem. Get on it and support live music so that artists can keep making songs to fall in love with.