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Licklist Guide to Bars in Windsor

Planning a night out in Windsor?  Don’t know the area and want to find the best bars in Windsor?  Licklist is your guide to events, festivals, clubs and bars in Windsor and throughout the UK.  Our users have chosen the top bars in Windsor, so you can swerve the dives and enjoy the very best night out in the town.  Our Windsor nightlife photo galleries are a popular resource for visitors wanting to see what venues are like and of course you can look at each bar individually to find out where it is, what’s on and what it looks like.  Our users also post reviews of their experiences of the bars in Windsor, so you can make a more informed decision about where to go.  Whether you are looking for a waterfront bar, a cosy pub, a live music venue or just kick back with your friends whilst enjoying some freshly mixed cocktails you will find it in Windsor and all coupled with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.  A great place for sightseeing during the day and partying through the night.

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Windsor Bar Reviews

You can share your experience of the bars in Windsor by posting a review of the venues you visited.  We want to hear if you have found a hidden gem of a bar in Windsor, your thoughts on popular haunts and whether you have been to a venue people should avoid.  If you aren’t a Licklist user yet, why not join the party and get even more out of Licklist.

Reviews Bars in Windsor

Atik Windsor

It was a very terrible night, I was outside smoking a cigarette with my friend, and a woman came up and punched me for no reason and made my nose bleed. Obviously she was drunk, but I'm a man, and I can't fight a woman, and the security guard saw it, but the security guard didn't do anything ,I kep read more


AVOID THIS CLUB...Daughter and friends had looked forward to an evening out. My daughter doesn't drink but went out with her friends so as not to be left out and enjoy the night. Went out at 11pm and we're home just after midnight in dreadful state. They couldn't even walk, were throwing up and achi read more


THIS CLUB IS SELLING FAKE ALCOHOl, I came to this club to have a good night but ended up having to leave early due to feeling extremely unwell after only having one single vodka and coke, I know for certain my drink was not spiked. The following evening I was extremely ill not even being able to lif read more


If you're white give the club a try, if your Asian don't waste your evening, go somewhere where they don't judge you. The evening I went not only my friend got kicked rejected for the fact he had drunk too much (despite merely having a few drinks, far less compared to his white friends) but also a f read more

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