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June 21… and what it’s going to look like

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, planning for and dreaming about! It’s finally June 21 and you have to stop yourself from screaming “Today’s the day! It’s here! We’re free!” from the window.


It’s been over a year since you’ve painted the town red – well since you’ve been to town at all!


A night out hasn’t been this exciting since your 18th birthday, when you confidently handed your driver’s license over to the bouncer, with the biggest smile on your face. You may be past the days of taking dozens of shots and not feeling a thing, but the excitement for every moment until the 5am McDonald's, of course, remains. A night out has NEVER been this exciting.


The night before, you laid out THE outfit (you know the one I’m talking about… that mad online spending during lockdown didn’t amount to nothing after all!). Brand new shoes, dresses and shirts, you name it - they’ve been begging to be worn.


At work, you can barely stay focused, and who can blame you! You can feel the buzz all around.


The group chat for the night is blowing up. Every single one of your mates is asking for what time they should arrive for pre-drinks. They’re making sure the taxi has been booked (for 8pm… yes 8! Not a minute to waste at home!) and announcing that there must be absolutely no outfit clashes!


At lunch you overhear a co-worker mentioning their plans to take it easy tonight, they don’t want to roll into the office tomorrow with sunglasses on and the strongest coffee they could make. You on the other hand, well…


You know you’re going hard. You’ve been planning for this night to be the wildest in memory! Maybe, you’re even ready to justify coming into work with a banging headache. Either way, this is probably the best Monday night you’ll ever have… so why waste it?


You’ve been eyeing up the clock since the minute you came into work, and finally, after the longest day of work – you can finally return home!


After perhaps the longest commute home of your life, you’ve got barely any time until your mates get to yours and the night begins. It’s GO, GO, GO from here!


Pop a pizza in the oven, hop in the shower and get that outfit on… chop, chop!


And don’t forget to spritz that lush perfume or make sure your beard is immaculately trimmed – this is your moment to shine!


When your hair is laid down perfectly, with each curl accounted for or hair thoughtfully slicked back – it’s time to prep your pre-drink.


Is it going to be a sunny summer Aperol spritz, or a classic vodka and coke? Are you feeling a chilled beer vibe or are we just going straight to the shots? I can’t make that decision for you – just make sure you don’t mix!


Whatever you choose, make sure you’re ready to start partying with it in your hand, while your mates start filling your party room of choosing and blast a summer hits playlist. With each banger, the floor begins to vibrate louder and louder – until the house is shaking so hard you have no choice but to get in your taxi for the next level of noise!


In the taxi, you’re asking the driver if he has an AUX so you can continue the party in the drive. Yet before you can pop any noughties throwbacks on, you’re at the club!


Your gang jumps out cheering because, of course, you came prepared with VIP queue jump passes (duh!). You’re not wasting the biggest day of the year outside for hours, watching all the fun happen from the street!


Once you’re in there, your eyes almost well up at how much you’ve missed being in the club! Surrounded by other party-obsessed folks, with the colourful lights going crazy and singing your heart out with your best mates. Could life honestly be better?!


A year of staying home has really paid off… and the night unfolds to be the craziest, most fun night to date.


And sure, maybe you knocked back one too many and you can’t remember the names of any of the people you called your ‘best friends for life’ in the smoking area – but it doesn’t matter. It was one for the books.


It was a night where you didn’t care that the bartender couldn’t hear you over the roaring crowd, because there WAS a mad turnout in the first place! Where being crazy sweaty was the desired effect and being dizzy in the shared taxi home has never felt so good.


You can bet that when your head hits your pillow that night that:

  1. For once the damage to your bank account was worth it.
  2. You have the best mates in the world.
  3. June 21 will go down in history as the biggest comeback. Ever.


Words: Seeham Rahman