80's clubs in Essex

N-n-n-n-n-nineteen...the 80's were the best (I wasn't there but they sure looked like a lot of fun). These are the venues keeping the neon clad spirit of the decade alive without the assistance of a time traveling DeLorean...
Neon, Ronald Reagan, The Cold War, bold colours, the rise of MTV, the birth of the internet, amazing fashion and even better music - the 1980's was a turbulent, revolutionary and magical decade that produced some of the most memorable and iconic pieces popular culture that we still hold dear to this day.

These clubs have dedicated their very existence to the decade of synth-pop-ballad-mega hits -Wham, Erasure, Madonna, Michael Jackson...the list of greats is endless. Trust us, these speakers are bursting with enough 80's cheese to keep you dancing well into the 1990's.